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Our ultra-small, very manual distillery in Dublin is home to full mashing and fermentation equipment, two stills and a manual bottling machine. The hybrid pot still (Dorothy) and a smaller 50L gin still (Toto) gives us precise control and flexibility over what we make; if it can be fermented, we’ll probably distill it.

Who we are

Eanna Burke

Head Distiller, Creator of Leaks

A former Mechanical and Software Engineer, and homebrewer since 2011, Eanna handles the day to day at the distillery, mashing, fermenting, and distilling as well as recipe development.

Eanna was also responsible for the diplomatic incident with North Korea a few years ago with his competition-winning beer, Kim Jong Lem-Un.

Cian Burke

Facilities manager, Fixer of Leaks

Cian built the distillery whilst completing his degree in Sustainable Electrical Power Systems in LIT. These days his focus is on planning and executing projects to make the distillery better and better.